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    NYSID does not offer scholarships for intenational students

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    i wish i had a friend on the uk so i could ask them to rip a video so i can watch here where i live :/ ugh

    today we had this thing at school that we had to dress as a character, i chose aramis from the three musketeers. photo after the cut :P

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    advice for life: 

    only jailbreak your iphone/ipod/ipad if  you know what you’re doing. otherwise, ask somebody else to do or stay away from it. trust me, i almost ruined mine :’(

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    Post a picture of your desktop exactly as it is right now - no cleaning or hiding anything! 







    love this pic

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    so, rihanna is going to perform at my city 

    but the tickets will cost about 160 dollars. ugh too expensive

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    Top 5 TV shows meme! 


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    My turn:

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    My dream festival line-up 

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    A perfect setlist for a Robyn concert: 

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    I’m freaking bored. 

    So I’ll start making some random text posts, please feel free to ignore me.

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    These past days I wathed three movies 

    I watched Cherrybomb, Dreamgirls and Kill Bill vol. 1.

    Cherrybomb sucks. Even with Robert Sheehan and Rupert Grint in the cast, it was a total waste of time. DON’T WATCH IT.

    Dreamgirls is very cool, the soundtrack is amazing and Beyonce is stunning.

    Kill Bill… fcking awesome. I’ve never watched it (shame on me) so it was my first time. When I knew it was made by Tarantino, I already expected a lot of gore and blood, but it was so exaggerated so it actually became funny lol. I’m really looking foward to watch vol. 2 and 3 :-)

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    I’ve just made Leisureplex, an art blog. Please follow! :-)

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    i’m done with the spam. i hope you enjoyed :-)

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